For more than 80 years, toutenkamion has been the European leader for the design and manufacturing of customized mobile units on rigid trucks, trailers, semitrailers or shelters basis.

Created in 1936, the company manufactured several thousands of vehicles delivered in more than 30 countries and has developed from the 70’ a unique composite technology providing the products with an unequalled quality and durability.

All the units are totally manufactured in the plant of Ladon – France, from where toutenkamion has integrated all the needed craftmanship, skills and resources to realize the most complicated units. This is the guarantee to ensure a fully mastered and very high-quality.

toutenkamion takes action in the various following fields

outside broadcasting,
sports ..

toutenkamion has been certified ISO 9001 & ISO 14001, qualified operator from UTAC and member of French HealthCare.


For the past 100 years, brevet coachbuilder, French leader for transformation and design of truck driving cabins, has arranged and modified vehicles for the transport of goods and persons.

Its expertise and its knowledge in these fields, allows brevet to propose a wide range of vehicles transformations offering additional homologated seating positions which meet the strictest standards and requirements. These modifications are realized with or without lengthening.

Innovation, pushed by the commitment of its staff, not only enabled the development of a patented system of double pedals on a central rail, unique in the world; but also roll cages protections (internal or external), homologated under firefighters standards or ISO ROPS / FOPS.

brevet coachbuilder takes action in the various following fields

Cabs transformation,
Driving school vehicles, Fire trucks,
Specific vehicles and mobile librairies,
Cabs for tow trucks,
Roll cages,
Light commercial vehicles

In 2017

toutenkamion and brevet gather their skills

Coachbuilding does not escape globalization. To capitalise on development opportunities and to better withstand the damaging effects resulting from this globalization, several of our main European competitors have decided to sell at some large foreign groups. toutenkamion and brevet have made a complete different choice and decided to strengthen further to a strategic coming together!


Strengthening their skills, their staff, obtaining new means and know-how, thus developing new distribution channels.

After several months of studies and analysis, both company directors, Stéphane Girerd (toutenkamion) and Philippe Verne (brevet), have decided to combine toutenkamion means, European leader for specific coachbuilding, and brevet, French leader for transformation of truck driving cabins :

« Recognizing that the DNA of both companies was based on the same basics and on an identical strategic vision, this opportunity for a union between our companies quickly became evident.

Our own specific characteristics, the complementary nature of our offers and products, the strengthening and pooling of our means now represent all the necessary assets for the opening up of new markets.

Our combined experience of 180 years, the addition of our know-how and means, the experience, the skilfulness and our teams’ excellence, the increased investment capacity resulting from our association will now enable us to conserve our leading positions and continue the development of even more effective products without compromising at all with the high standards of quality » declared their directors.

The group now formed, with a staff of 165 people and a turnover of almost 18 million euros realized in 2016, will be able to propose a wider offer and then to take part in major development projects where mobility is an issue.

2 Complementary Industrial Coachbuilders

Only 1 Group

The group offers his customers an expertise, a complementarity and a combination of unique competences for the study, the realization and the homologation of specific coach buildings on heavy trucks and LCV basis.


A skilful design office in mechanics, metal sheet factory, composites, electric systems, hydraulics, air-conditioning, homologations …

Powerful calculation and simulation tools.

Around twenty patents and registered patterns.

2 production sites gathering more than 160 professional from the coach building industry, combining more than 180 years of experience in around 20 specialties.

Around 20.000 sqm of modern and perfectly adapted industrial buildings.

Unique production and transformation capabilities in metal sheet, composites, machining and surface treatment for high dimension pieces.

2 maintenance sites.

1 mobile and multidisciplinary after sales service team.

Only 1 representative for a global conception from the cabin to the bodywork.

Protected and valued Made in France.

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901 rue du Lieutenant Thomasset
45270 LADON – France

+33(0) 238 95 50 59


Brevet Carrosserie

ZA des Baisses – 317 rue des Rippes Chilley
01440 VIRIAT – France

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